No ImageRed Flannel Hash

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  1. ed dugan

    Use canned whole beets and dice them. Use canned diced potatoes as well. A little chopped onion, sweet pepper and parsley will give you everything you need but the corned beef.Incidentally, NEVER use corned beef round, only brisket. I’m a chef and published cookbook author and I NEVER work harder than I have to. This is quick, easy and delicious.

  2. Thomas

    I have been making this for many years after St Paddy’s day except I use goose fat in place of the butter. So so good.

  3. Mike

    It would probably be great with a little fennel added.

    • Elise Bauer

      You mean fennel seeds? I think those would be a great addition.

  4. Scot

    I’m swear I’m not trying to be difficult, but is meant by cooked beets? Cooked how? I’m trying to get more beets in my diet, and this sounds lovely, delicious, and simple. Win win win. But if this is to use leftover beets, I first have to know how to cook beets. Lol.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Scot, yes, red flannel hash is made with leftover cooked beets. You can either roast them, steam them, or boil them. Here’s a recipe for roasting them: and here’s a recipe that starts with steaming or boiling them:

      • hl

        …and if you have no fresh beets, you can use canned (and well-drained) beets too. Though they are not nearly as sweet as the ones you roast yourself, they are a great “convenience food” to keep on the shelf for many beet recipes like this one. My thrifty mother often made Red Flannel Hash, and for much of the year, the beets she used were those she had canned herself.

  5. stephanie alekna

    Could I use canned corned beef instead. I love all your recipe’s on your website. We have grown more than enough beets in our garden and I am using your Red Flannel Hash recipe, I even used your roasted beets with balsamic glaze recipe to give the beets some kick to it. I know beets are very healthy for you but they are different when it comes to taste(beets that is).lol. Thank you.

    I haven’t made this with canned corned beef, but I’m guessing that it would turn out fine. ~Elise

    • Hattie Hathaway

      No NEVER use canned corned beef! Horrible!

  6. Angi

    I usually make some sort of hash with left-over corned beef (which we either bake or cook in slow cooker – no boiling!). Hash is excellent with sweet potatoes (the white kind) mixed in with the potatoes. Yams work ok, too. For fuller flavor, roast some cut garlic cloves (large pieces) in the butter for a minute before adding other ingredients. Onions and red bell peppers also make good additions for rounding off the meal.

  7. Joanne @

    This looks both lovely and delicious! Our favorite trick is to chop up all the leftover meat and veggies and fry them up in a skillet with some eggs and a little cheese. It’s like an Irish Fritatta, and it’s one of my favorite meals. Now I can’t wait until Friday for leftovers….

  8. Annika

    This is almost exactly like a traditional dish from Northern Germany that my family makes, called “Labskaus”. We serve it with gherkins and a fried egg. It used to be cooked by seamen on their ships, as it’s made from ingredients that would keep long in storage and are nutritious.

  9. Alena

    Try it with sweet potatoes next time! Delicious.