No ImageRefried Black Beans

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  1. Nicolette

    This was delicious! It will be my go-to for refried beans forever. My husband is a chef and he also thought they were fabulous. Thank you for the recipe ☺


  2. Theresa

    How much does this make? It says six servings but doesn’t say how big a serving is. I need a cup of refried black beans for a vegetarian taco recipe

  3. Ginny

    It seems what you do to the dry beans is almost exactly what I do when I cook dry black beans for storage: lots of onion and garlic, salt, and a red pepper if some sort. I would use some chipotle in the frying part, maybe cilantro. I’m less partial to cumin as I think that tastes like food in India.

    But it seems all I need to do is thaw what I’ve got and put Chipotle and cilantro and fry to proper thickness.

    Thanks for the primer!

  4. Daniel

    These were amazing! I used them in a black bean, zucchini, and corn casserole and the beans made it truly elevated.


  5. Dara

    I have never made black beans before and this recipe was a huge hit. The only speed bump I had was the beans seemed to take longer to get tender than I expected. The flavor was AMAZING!! Thanks so much for sharing.


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