No ImageRemoulade Sauce

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  1. Culpritsmom

    Best Remoulade sauce ever! Used it with a fried green tomato pie. Yum!


  2. CJ

    Yes, I made it. After I put in a Creole sesoning, it was a tad bit too salty for me. I would definitely reduce the Creole seasoning AND if you do choose to use it, make sure the main ingredient is not salt. PS: I actually made to put on steak….it should be fine for that!


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  3. [email protected]

    Wondering how this would be on steak? Thanks

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  4. rich

    what are the Nutritional value

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  5. Kelly Woolery

    Very easy to make and taste was delicious! Exactly what I was wanting for my homemade crab cakes! I would recommend to make ahead of time to let flavors meld. Was even better next day! Thank you for sharing

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