No ImageRhubarb Ginger Galette

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  1. Clarice Shkedy

    Can you use frozen rhubarb? Do you have to defrost?

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  2. Baz

    Since when has rhubarb been a fruit ?

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  3. Mark Anderson

    I’m not much for desserts, but this first effort came out great…not quite as pictured but good enough to put my name to. The crust is better than anything I’m used to baking.


  4. Steve Miller

    Mine is in the oven right now. I used rhubarb, cherries and blueberries. It is what I had in the house. I dusted the edge of the folded crust with coarse sugar for texture and a sparkly look.
    I always have the issue of the liquid coming out though. I did use a spider to drain the liquid before placing the fruit. Oh well.

    I love these desserts other than the over flow.

  5. Chris

    WOW! I made this this morning (started it last night but decided to postpone it) and it was FANTASTIC!!! Served it to three picky teen-aged kids for breakfast with a bit of vanilla ice-cream and they ate every crumb! I followed both recipes almost to the letter (which is something I almost never do: I’m a great one for improvisation). I couldn’t resist making a few changes though: I increased the sugar a bit(rhubarb was a little green still) I also found that 15 minutes wasn’t enough time to draw off very much moisture and I allowed it to macerate for close to an hour and I sprinkled about 4 tsp extra sugar over the top with the dabs of butter. This was a good call; rhubarb can be very tart. This is a great way to use up all that rhubarb.
    I also thought that the Pate Brissee crust was great! I have never made a short-crust that way before and I think that I’ll be trying this crust in all the old standbys. Sadly, the revered “Mrs Helm’s Pastry Recipe” which has been the pastry crust recipe of choice in our family for 50 years (with good reason) is being forced to step aside!
    This is a great, easy, in-expensive spring time treat (even if you don’t eat it for breakfast!) thanks for the great recipe, and thanks for posting such a great site!

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