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  1. Lota

    Hello, this looks wonderful. I wonder if I could skip the crust and create a meringue pudding?
    I just don’t like crusts in general. I make cheesecakes with no crusts but a pie? What do you suggest?

    Thanks, Lota

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  2. Phyllis Borkholder

    This comment is for those looking for red rhubarb. There are at least 2 kinds of rhubarb. One has very red stalks and the other kind has green stalks with just a little touch of red. I have both kinds in my garden. The green stalks in my garden have a larger diameter and are usually taller. I haven’t noticed any difference in the taste between the two kinds. They are both wonderful! I’ve been collecting rhubarb recipes for almost 50 years but I don’t recall trying one with orange. This looks really good! I freeze rhubarb in the spring by just cutting it into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces and putting it into bags of 4 cups. Sometimes I need to drain some of the liquid that separates when I thaw the rhubarb, or I add a little more thickener depending on the recipe.

  3. Jeanette

    I’ve only had rhubarb pie once in my life and that was as a child. I remember that it was good, so I decided I want to make it myself now that I’m an adult. My first place to look for delicious recipes is always your site. I have a bunch to choose from that make my mouth water. As I was looking at your recipes and some others online, I noticed that tapioca is in most of them. What is the importance of the tapioca pairing with rhubarb? How do I go about preparing the rhubarb? This vegetable is foreign to me! Thanks in advance!

    We often use instant tapioca as a thickener. It works well to thicken without turning the pie filling gummy. With regards to rhubarb, you want to work with the stalks, not the leaves which are toxic. Just rinse the dirt off the rhubarb stalks and chop as if you were thick slicing celery. ~Elise

  4. Freya

    I made this last night and the filling is unbelievably delicious. the rhubarb with orange and spices is a killer combination. Found the meringue a bit too light to keep up with the strong flavours of th filling, though. If i made this again, I would make a tart and serve it with very thick greek yogurt mixed with more orange zest. Could very well just be a matter of taste though! Great recipe.


  5. Andrea

    Elise, I learned SO much from this post! I was actually planning on making a rhubarb meringue pie already but the rhubarb didn’t look good enough in the store– must it be a really deep red to be good enough? Also I feel dumb because I thought I needed just the juice from the rhubarb, as if I were making a lemon pie. Silly me.
    Anyway I made lemon meringue instead (craving tart-sweet) but did not know the trick about adding corn starch to the meringue to reduce “weepiness”. Good to know.
    Funny about the pie baking beans–I have always kept mine in a well marked container for just that reason!
    Great recipe, great post.

    I don’t know about it being deep red, but the rhubarb should be crisp and not limp. ~Elise

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