No ImageRisi e Bisi, Italian Rice and Peas

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  1. Riccardo

    I use a ham stock cube , pancetta and plain boiling water . No need to add salt as the pancetta , cube and chees make it delicious . My nonnas recipe who was from Venice . Try using par boiled rice for quickness , cuts cooking time by quite a bit .

  2. Mike

    I made this today. Disappointed. Took way too much time for a bland dish that costs too much. As a side, plain rice would be just as good, if not better. As a risotto, it is a waste of ingredients. Won’t be making it again.

  3. Fortycloves

    My family, from Sicily, makes this with rice and,sometimes, with dittalini pasta. We love to add fresh basil or mint, as well. It’s real “peasant food,” and so comforting!

  4. Catherine

    I would like to try making this with either farro or pearled spelt. Fresh peas are the business. I like to eat them raw.

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  5. LS

    Elise – do you think diced pancetta could be used as a substitute? Or would it be too ‘bacony’? Thank you!

    If you crisp the pancetta first, then it’d be fine to substitute. ~Hank

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