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  1. Matt

    I used top round. I trimmed the fat first (mistake- it turned out a bit dry). This made really primo roast beef sandwiches!


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  2. Erika

    Very very good, i made a small piece on beef not much fat a bit on each side really, did not use the rack put 2 cut onions underneath and a sprig of tyme. Rubed roast seasoning outside. Turned heat down in a fan forced oven took 2 hours all up. So tender and tasty. I was genuinely surprised. I firmly believe that the meat makes a difference. Beef to old its going to be inedible. My beef had good marbelling.


  3. Jen

    I followed this recipe to the letter, have the correct cut of beef and it came out so tough I can barely cut it. Chewing it is nearly impossible. I will say the flavor was amazing! I guess I just need to give up on roast. All these years they come out tough and juicy like this one, or if they fall apart, they’re dry. I’ve tried all manner of cuts, cooking conditions, appliances, grassfed, grainfed,to no avail. Has anyone had this issue and discovered the secret? I’m so frustrated! Sorry to whine but I challenge you to find a way that I haven’t tried yet as I’m desperate for the answer!


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  4. Francise

    Can you use this as is with eye of round beef thanks

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  5. Allison

    Amazing. Used a really cheap piece of beef from Walmart and it was superb. I have always roasted a beef roast in a roaster. Never directly on the rack. Huge difference.


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