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  1. Michael

    I made this for Christmas dinner. It turned out fantastically. My only quibble was that it cooked way faster. But I think that was because my bone in leg of lamb had a lot of bone. My kids loved it. My wife loved it. And I thought it was the best thing I’ve ever made thank you


  2. Lyda

    It came out great! My leg was semi bone less, I made it on Dec 22 to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I added olive oil to the marinade and also rubbed it on the outside before roasting. I also inserted garlic slivers and rosemary sprigs all over the meat! It came out great… had a little trouble with the mint chimichurri, maybe I used too many herbs because I had to almost triple the olive oil so it would look like the one in the picture. Everyone loved it and I will sure make it again! Thanks Elise!


  3. Mary

    Glad I saw this as I have a boneless leg of lamb in the freezer for Easter.
    I’d like to BBQ — along with some salmon for the non meat eaters. I
    won’t get gravy from the lamb by doing this so what can I serve that
    would that would go with both lamb & salmon? If that isn’t possible —
    what would be a good sauce for a BBQ lamb?

    Thank you!

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  4. Herb

    This past Easter, my wife suggested we try something different than what we’ve had every year.
    So, we got a whole leg of lamb, bone-in. I watched a video online for how to bone it out, and I did it perfectly on my first try.
    You have to make sure you get the musk glands out of it as you bone it. There are 2 of them, so make sure you get both of them.
    If not, you are in for some nasty leg of lamb.
    Anyway, I boned it out, cooked it in the oven with some Moroccan spices, and it turned out to be our new go to Easter meal from now on. The sweet spices are very aromatic, and the warm spices add a depth of flavor you should not miss.

    I did not marinate it in anything other than liberal amounts of EVOO, and salt, black pepper, rosemary, and thyme.
    I cooked it with cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, a small pinch of cloves, and some Sriracha sauce mixed together.
    The results were outstanding & our guests were asking for my recipe.
    We will be having this again soon.

    Thanks for all the great recipes Elise.

  5. Whitney

    If I am going to cook two 6 pound boneless legs of lamb can I cook them into he same oven following this recipe?

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