No ImageRoasted Green Beans with Onions and Walnuts

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  1. Sonya

    I guess I should clarify that I have made the original recipe from Cook’s Illustrated as I have that issue. Just seconding that this recipe is FANTASTIC! I’ve made it twice and it just blows me away how delicious they are. That roasting is magic! I love Cook’s Illustrated :) I also love your website – your red velvet cupcakes, which my sister showed me many years ago, are my husband’s all time favorite red velvet recipe!


  2. Jena

    Made this with pork chops and potatoes. Yummy. But I was doing it from memory and added the walnuts to the honey mixture before the second go in the oven. I also only did it at 400 and for about half the time. Will follow directions better next time.

  3. Amanda

    Oh my goodness! We tried this recipe with marinated steaks and mashed potatoes tonight and it was absolutely fabulous! The carmelized onions were out of this world! In fact, I might double the onions next time just so there is more to enjoy! I give this one 5 STARS!


  4. Alayna

    I made this for my mom and I for dinner last night as a side dish to some scallops. It was absolutely delicious and made the entire downstairs smell wonderful! The walnuts made it one hundred times better. This recipe is definitely a keeper and was very easy to make – the sauce combination of vinegar, honey, and garlic was very distinct and tasty.


  5. Elise Bauer

    Hi Kathy – It’s definitely a different way to do beans. They are chewier, and loaded with flavor. Toasted walnuts make a big difference.

    Hi Sara – Let us know how they turn out!

    Hi Beth – I don’t see problem with using frozen green beans, as long as you have defrosted them. Green beans from a can, however, no dice.

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