No ImageRoasted Green Chiles in a Light Vinaigrette

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  1. Georgiaberry/Sunshine for Dinner

    Love the video, Elise. Really nicely done, I hope you are planning more of them. I am roasting a pile of peppers from the garden today with plans to make roasted pepper and sour cream chicken enchiladas :) Georgiaberry

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  2. enna

    I love roasted peppers. This is a bit of a traditional food in my country. I prefer steaming them in a plastic bag, it kind of speeds up the process, but I am sure that this method works fine too. Also love to add lost of fresh garlic and parsley. I also find that if you heat up the oil and then pour it over the peppers it brings out more flavor of the them.

  3. Dawn

    Slight twist on the broiler method, which I learned from Cooks illustrated. It makes the process faster and cuts out the need to turn the hot peppers. Cut the stalk end off the chile. Cut lengthwise down one side of the chile and open it out so that it lays almost flat – if it won’t flatten, you may need a second lengthwise cut on the opposite side to cut it in half. I usually cut the stalk out, and broil the little chile cap too. I hate to waste good food! Put the (approximately) flattened chile on the broiler pan, skin side up and broil, steam and peel as above. The best thing is that no turning is required, so it takes half to a quarter the time compared with broiling a whole chile!

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  4. Elizabeth

    These look like they’d be so good on tacos. I’ll have to try this when they’re in season in Australia.

  5. Tim

    I roast poblanos under the broiler all the time (I love the smell). I spray them with cooking oil, roast under the broiler turning frequently until the skin is charred. Then I place them in a Ziploc for about 30 min. After that the skin comes right off. Remove stems & seeds, then slice or chop. They are great on or with almost anything. Do a google search for “Oww Chili”. I have been making this for years. It calls for adding “nine” roasted & chopped poblanos at the end. Makes it fantastic. It is best to use sirloin seared over charcoal & then cubed (much better than ground beef).

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