No ImageHow to Harvest and Roast (in shell) Sunflower Seeds

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  1. GS

    This was terrible advice. Followed instructions step by step, same temps, seeds seemed perfect, exact times…after baking we cracked open a ton of seeds and there was nothing inside (even though they had something inside them before and after boiling. Not sure what happened, however did some sound advice from somewhere else. The seeds need to be completely dried out before attempting anything with them (boiling in salt water and then roasting). Wasted a beautiful head of seeds, so now waiting for my next few sunflowers to finish dropping their petals and drooping over before collecting those ones and starting again.


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  2. Tom.

    Boil them for several hours in salt water till shell gets soft.
    Then roast them and you do not need to bother with shell peeling. Eat it whole with shells, they changed constitution, they are crispy and tasty now. Unpeeled the seeds are even more delicious.

  3. JEAN

    Do you call the seeds before the prep? Mine came out with small pieces of flower. Does that need to be sorted out, or do you just avoid it when eating? I also saw an article that said you can use a rolling pin on the seeds then put in water. Shells will float to the top and seeds will sink, if you want to she’ll them without equipment.

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  4. Melissa

    I super appreciate this top rated recipe because I’ve never tried this before. However, 400° on the top rack is a little too hot imo. Just be cautious. Thank goodness I was paying close attention and lowered the rack to the middle. Overall, pleased with the end results after adding a dash of common sense.

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  5. Karen

    This recipe is simple and to the point of how to roast sunflower seeds. The content is easy to read and just about everyone will understand it.
    It would have been a plus to see just how it is done, though. By way of step-by-step pictures or a short video. Visuals help a lot of people.
    I would have liked it better if the author had added a quick comment on how to season the sunflower seeds.

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