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  1. vanessa

    Great soup. I used small amount of coconut oil and water to fry and coconut cream to completely veganise it and added a sweet potato to make it a healthier option with extra nutrition. Will be making again.


  2. TDotDude

    Another winner from Simplyrecipes! This soup was a huge hit at my Christmas dinner.

  3. Tim

    Very nice recipe, I added more broth than suggested, thus would recommend more potatoe to thicken up. Was still, very much a ‘hit’. I added feta cheese and green onion to the bowl to add a nice crunch and a salty texture to the soup. We’ll be doing it again !

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m so glad you liked the soup Tim! Great idea to add some feta and green onion.

  4. Janet Edwards

    I had a bunch of cut up red peppers strips left over from a party , so skipped the roasting step altogether and just added them with the onions.
    After blending, the skins were not noticeable and the soup was fine.


  5. Pam

    This soup is fantastic. I used 4 orange peppers and added cumin, coriander and a dash of ground cloves as well as the cayenne.

  6. Veronica

    Full fat coconut milk is the substitute I use for cream when being dairy free. I like it with the red peppers a lot.

  7. Tom C

    Made this soup tonight–it was delicious. I was feeling lazy so I tried a shortcut: roasted the peppers in a 425 oven for 30 min, then put them in the soup pot while the broth was cooking. I did not remove the pepper skins, which were not blackened. The immersion blender took care of the skins just fine. Used only 1 1/2 cups low sodium broth (to help make a thicker soup), 1/4 tsp Lite Salt, and 1 full tsp of Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper sauce. Yum, yum, yum! The sweetness from the bell peppers nicely balances the heat from the chili peppers.

  8. Cindy

    My husband and I are lactose-intolerant. Do you think the cream is critical? If so, any recommended lactose-free substitutes?

    You can make it without the milk, cream, or butter. Sauté the onions in olive oil instead. The resulting soup without the milk or cream won’t be as creamy, but it should still be good. ~Elise

  9. Lady Amalthea

    I had already-diced peppers, so I roasted them on a pan. Not quite as delicious as if I’d roasted them whole, but, since we pureed the whole thing, it came out very well!

    Here’s my version: http://noshesthoughtsreves.blogspot.com/2011/02/pepper-potato-soup.html

  10. Susie - Diet Tech

    My daughter-in-law Noelle, and I, recently made this soup and it was very yummy. We modified it – like many people do when they cook.
    Our big modification was we did not puree.
    It was tasty indeed but had a more hearty texture. It looked very similar to picture and every bit was consumed. Tasty and extraordinaire!

  11. Sunny

    I’ve made this recipe several times this summer with fresh Italian sweet peppers from the farmer’s market, and it has been spectacular. Sometimes, I grated a little fresh parmesan on each bowl. I’m disappointed that pepper season is over here–I could eat it every week. Thanks for a great recipe!

  12. Flo

    LOVE THIS SOUP. I am a beginner at cooking and I tried this recipe on my guests. EASY to make and a GUARANTEED winner. GREAT FLAVOR too!!!

  13. lisa

    This is so good. I want to eat the entire thing by myself. If you put chili pepper in it, and ground pepper, it is amazing. You can’t even taste the starch!

  14. Joanne

    I tried this recipe twice, one with regular potatos, the next with sweet potatos. The sweet potatos were a nice touch. I think they may be a good substitution for those who do not like the starchiness of regular potatos.

  15. thayalini

    Very nice soup. Everybody liked in my family.

  16. Sarah

    Can this recipee be made with Lactose-free milk and still turn out well? Thanks!

    No idea. If you try it, please let us know how it turns out. ~Elise

  17. Brittany

    I made this soup last night. I used 3 large red bell peppers, 2 potatoes, low fat milk, vegetable stock, and margarine instead of butter. It is delicious and looks just like the picture!

  18. Jennifer

    I made this tonight and it was marvelous…despite a little mishap with the blender. I love spicy food, so I loved the option to add a little more *kick* with more cayenne pepper!

  19. Lisa O

    A good and simple basic recipe that can be altered to suit personal taste. It’s very good alone but also makes a good base for added ingredients. When I was really hungry I added leftover rice and mixed vegetables to make it chunky and filling.

  20. Barb Sanders

    Great recipe…so easy and the soup tasted wonderful. also a bonus to be eating something very healthy.
    I have sent it to many friends….thanks!!

  21. stanley

    Quite tasty. The bell peppers in the garden were looking unhealthy, so I substituted with a mix of Anaheims and Jalapeños and it worked quite well (at least, from my perspective).

  22. abbey

    I’ve got a recipe for a soup similar to this, but the trick I’ve used to make it “creamy” without actual cream or milk (for those who have dairy issues, like me) is to add a can of white beans (I usually use Great Northern) near the end of the cooking. When you whiz it up in the blender, the beans add a creaminess and smoothness to the texture that is fantastic, and is great for you (less fat, more protein)!

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