No ImageBraised Marinated Artichokes

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  1. Karen

    My husband bought artichoke’s in a jar marinated in oil, what can I do with them, never had an artichoke in my life!

  2. Louanne

    I grew up eating stuffed artichokes – fresh Italian bread crumbs, Romano cheese, garlic, celery, black pepper – basically, the food of the gods. Due to health reasons, I now eat gluten-free and plant-based. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find your recipe. I made them yesterday and I am over the moon! So delicious!

  3. Pat Brennan

    Can this be made a few days ahead?

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  4. Sherie Robins

    I’m originally a Californian and have grown up eating artichokes every which way, but I’ve moved to Arkansas now and am introducing my husband to the joys of some of my favorite California foods. I must say Elise that many of your recipes have become his favorites, but this artichoke recipe is by far at the top of the list. I’ve made them simply braised with a mayonnaise/Dijon sauce for dipping and gave him the famous Palace Court salad with shrimp since Dungeness crab is unheard of here, but this one recipe above all others is his favorite.

  5. Shay Sears

    I’ve been making artichokes for many years and I’ve just found the best way to prepare them. After bringing to a boil I covered them and put them in the oven at 275 for 2 hours. They were perfect. My husband freaked out. You’re a genius!

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