No ImageRoot Beer Float

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  1. Mark

    Best way to make a float is to add the root beer first. Then add ice cream on top of it. This way it doesn’t foam up as much as the other way around.

    Blend it up slightly in a blender for a root beer “freeze”! :)

  2. terry lee

    We have the same thing in Australia,we call it a spider ;)

  3. Melissa

    I grew up in Saskatchewan and we had root beer, orange, grape or cream soda floats as a treat at home or at the local A & W. In the winter, a float just didn’t seem appropriate so as kids, we’d often add 2 or 3 tablespoons of cream (like coffee cream) to our root beer. I know, seems disgusting but it really was delicious! Oh, and our name for this treat? Moose Milk of course!

    Love it! ~Elise

  4. Sandy

    Root beer floats are good, but the best floats of my childhood were Vernor’s ginger ale floats! Vernor’s was a Detroit institution and had the best ginger ale–spicy and fizzy, with bubbles that leaped out of the glass into your face. (You can still get Vernor’s, but now it’s owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and it doesn’t quite have the same fizz and zing that I remember.)
    My favorite thing to do on a hot, sticky day was to pile in the car and head for the local Dairy Isle, where I always had a Vernor’s float. Yum!

  5. Kimberly

    Thanks for the inspiration! We had root beer floats for dessert last night, and they were delicious. I had forgotten about the crunchy bits until I read through the comments here and sure enough, that was the best part! I used Boylan root beer, which is sweetened with cane sugar and tastes amazingly great.

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