No ImageRose Hip Jelly

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  1. Phil

    No matter what I do it just will not set.


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  2. Lana

    I made this jelly from wild Alberta rose hips picked on our land. I was sceptical but the results were great! Thank you for the recipe!


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  3. Mark

    Dont squeeze out the juice the jelly will go cloudy, leave it to drip naturally.

  4. Tina

    I made this and it turned out great and love the flavor. Thank you


  5. James McKiness

    Help! I made 3 batches of this “Rose Hip Jelly” and all three failed to set. They made a thick syrup instead. I make “wild” fruit jellies with “Sure Jell” all the time so I am aware of the exact nature of the recipe list. What could have gone wrong? I love the flavor of this recipe and will enjoy the syrup, but would like to get it right for next year.

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