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  1. Jessie Daniels

    Please excuse my weird idea… but.. I want to try and make the flan with a sugar-free substitute. Obviously, the caramel won’t work the same so, could I bake this in a pie crust? Thanks!!! :)

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  2. AGS

    My mistake – I was too anxious to eat the flan so I did not let it chill for the recommended 2 hours. I tried the flan the next day and it was not too sweet with a hint of rose flavour! Lesson learnt!

  3. AGS

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. Since I was making a flan for the first time, I halved the recipe. The texture was lovely but the custard was too sweet for my liking. Also, I did not have rose water so used rose syrup. I probably did not put enough since I could not taste the flavour.

    I will try again with less sugar & more rose syrup.

  4. Chayliana

    I don’t know what went wrong, but my sugar wouldn’t turn golden or caramelize. After nearly 10 minutes of simmering & stirring (over medium heat as instructed) it suddenly seized up on me & reverted back to dry crystallized sugar. I added another 2T water & 1/2 tsp butter & it returned to the simmering stage but still wouldn’t caramelize. After several minutes it seized up again, so I added 1T butter & turned up the heat, then it FINALLY melted & browned, but immediately hardened to peanut brittle consistency in the ramekin. They’re chilling now, so I don’t yet know what the end result will be.

    Sounds like you are using a sugar substitute like Splenda, and not real sugar. Real sugar melts. ~Elise

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  5. oralia

    I have done this recipe before, but I used coconut milk instead of whole milk. I just love the coconut taste!! yum!

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