Rosemary Lemon Rhubarb Spritzer

Sparkling punch spritzer made with vibrant pink rhubarb and accented with rosemary and lemon juice. Perfect for a spring brunch.

  • Yield: Makes about 3 cups of syrup, and 1 1/2 to 2 quarts of spritzer


  • 1 pound rhubarb, cleaned, cut crosswise into 1/2-inch slices
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 3 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary leaves
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • Soda water or carbonated water


1 Simmer rhubarb, water, sugar, rosemary: Put rhubarb pieces, water, sugar, and rosemary leaves into a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes. Rhubarb pieces will disintegrate.

2 Strain, add lemon juice, chill: Remove from heat. Strain out the solids with a fine mesh strainer. Add lemon juice. If too sweet for taste, add a little more lemon juice. Chill until ready to serve.

3 Add soda water to serve: To serve, fill a quarter to a half of the glass with the lemon, rhubarb, rosemary syrup, and the rest with soda water.

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  • Saroja

    Hi Elise,

    I made this this other night and it really is terrific. I couldn’t bring myself to compost the rhubarb pulp, so I boiled down some more rhubarb in order to make a crisp. I blended the pulp (to make the rosemary less crunchy) with the added rhubarb to dilute the rosemary and added the standard brown sugar-oats-butter topping. It’s really, really good. Especially with homemade vanilla ice cream.


  • Kevin

    Love it! This recipe is the bomb. I have made it several times since you first posted it, Elise, and it is the first thing I think of doing with that rhubarb growing in the corner of my garden under the lilac bush.


  • Greg Walker

    I loved this the last time you had it up! Thanks for the reminder. It is a perfect non-alky alternative for elegant outdoor dinners.


  • Kevin Vincent

    After making this it only left me wishing I had more than just two rhubarb plants in my garden. I guess I will have to buy more at the farmer’s market! My friends loved it also. The taste reminds me a lot of ginger ale.


  • Alain Roy

    I made your Rosemary Lemon Rhubarb Spritzer this weekend, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. People thought it a bit odd, but they humored me and ended up enjoying it.



  • Merle

    Fantastically refreshing drink; I love it. Thank you so much – this is a real treat. Definitely a keeper recipe.


  • Frank


    This stuff is great all I had in my garden is green rhubarb so I guess I could call it a green slipper. :O) I know it sure was tasty.
    Thanks for the recipe.

    Frank W.


  • Lisa C.

    Elise- it took visits to four grocery stores to find rhubarb this evening. Since I hate to drive, my fiancee drove me to three of the four (I walked to the first one). Well, thank goodness this recipe was so delicious! He said he would have driven to four more stores if he knew the reward for finding rhubarb would be so tasty!!! He also said, “you have to save this one.” So, I forwarded it to both of our families and made a copy for myself. We call it “Tickled Pink” since we were tickled pink to find such a great recipe. Apparently that drink already exists, but since I don’t know what X-Rate Fusion Liquor is it doesn’t really “exist.” :)

    Wow, I’m impressed! 4 stores? Don’t let anyone say you give up easily. So glad you and your fiancé liked it, and I love the name, “tickled pink”. ~Elise


  • Marnae

    I made this today, substituting dried mint for the rosemary..since I didn’t have any rosemary and did have TONS of rhubarb that I wanted to use. I also added a handful of fresh blackberries that I had on hand and it turned out great. I saved the cooked rhubarb and I think it tastes great, and would be wonderful served with chicken or pork. Actually I like substituting cooked rhubarb for butter in cookie recipes. I omit half the butter and use rhubarb puree (cooked rhubarb) instead. It works great and makes the recipe a little better for you. I have also used cooked rhubarb as a nutritional filler for pasta sauce. Just saute a cup of rhubarb with your onions etc. for your sauce, and they cook down and are not noticeable taste-wise, but add body to the sauce and some nutrients. We have SO MUCH rhubarb here, I am always looking for unique ways to use it. Thanks for the recipe

  • Heather

    I’m not a huge rosemary fan, but this is a delicious drink. Definitely summery and refreshing. Although, I used much less sugar than what was called for.
    Don’t worry about putting rhubarb in the title, it is what caught my attention!

  • deena

    I’m a huge fan of rhubarb syrup, and tend to slip in either a bit of fresh ginger or a splash of rosewater. I’ll definitely try some rosemary in the next batch.

  • Amie Stewart

    This recipe reminded me of this little discovery moment I had a few months ago. One day I was making several dishes at the same time… I had cut some rosemary on the cutting board and then later sliced some apples. The apples had picked up the flavor of the rosemary… and it was such a fantastic flavor! I had never thought of that! I am looking forward to more experimentations of rosemary combinations! Thank you for this delightful recipe!

  • CourtneyLeigh

    Elise, I think “Ruby Blush” might be a nice name.
    I think left over cooked rhubarb could be easily used in a lamb or veal marinade.
    I also would like to add this would be great added to Perrier (already mixed with lemon or lime). Then added to Strawberry, Black Cherry or Pineapple Jello for a refreshing summertime treat.

    Just some thoughts

  • KJill

    I made this with 1/2 cup less sugar and worried that the amount of rosemary would be too much so cut that to 1 tablespoon. The sugar adjustment was fine for us but the rosemary flavor was weaker than I expected so next time I will go for the full 3 Tablespoons. Mixed it with ginger ale as that was what we had in the fridge (which is probably why the reduced sugar worked) and it was terrific. DH said he used to drink rhubarb saft in the summer when he lived in Sweden and was quite pleased when I made this version. I will have to try it with lime as well as he prefers them to lemons.

  • Natalija

    Why don’t you call it a Pink Swizzle? :) As soon as I find some rhubarb here, I will try both the spritzer (Swizzle?) and the Jelly – they both sound great!

  • Suz

    So I made this for my birthday yesterday, subbing lime juice for lemon and cutting back the juice to about 1/3 cup. It is SO delicious. I’m going to have to make it again very soon! I never would have thought to combine rhubarb and rosemary but now I’m going to look for more herb/sweet recipes. Anyone for sage cherry creme brulee?

  • Amanda

    You’ve been on quite the rhubarb kick lately – I love it! Last night I made a strawberry-rhubarb soda float, modified from a recipe originally using cherries.

    You just take 2 stalks of rhubarb and a pint of strawberries, chop them all up and cook them until soft with a tablespoon of water and a half cup of sugar. Strain through a fine mesh strainer, combine with soda water to taste, and you have homemade strawberry-rhubarb soda.

    Add a couple scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt and top it off with a little soft-whipped cream if you like, and it’s wonderful. Use 3/4 pound of cherries along with the juice of a lime instead of the strawberries and rhubarb for the original recipe.

    Ooh, sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing, Amanda. ~Elise

  • Lisa

    I tried your strawberry rhubarb pie for a picnic this last weekend, and it was a hit. I heard many say “oh, I don’t like rhubarb”, but I told them the strawberries totally take over and kill any bitterness. Those who dared to try it were converts.

    What a gorgeous pie! Love the lattice crust. ~Elise

  • Seven

    What would you estimate the volume of the chopped rhubarb to be? Mine will come from my back yard and I’m not very good at estimating weights.

    Rhubarb is quite popular here in Nova Scotia, and there’s plenty of it to be had right now. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes. We enjoy a rhubarb punch which is very similar to this, but I can’t wait to taste it with rosemary.

    In my experience, one pound yields about 3 cups chopped. ~Elise

  • modicum

    I imagine this would be very refreshing served at my sister-in-law’s baby shower next month. I think we’ll call it a “Rosey Rhu”.

  • Lois Szydlowski

    What about “Rosemary’s Rhubarb Rush”

  • hanna

    This would make great popsicles, I think. I have to try that, I have been trying to come up with interesting herby popsicle recipes lately. Maybe with just a bit of water added to the syrup?

  • Jennifer

    Is “rhuby slipper” too close? How about “rhuby wedding”?

    A fun and enlightening exercise (at least to word geeks like me) is to search for “rhubarb” in online encyclopedias and check out the social uses of the word — e.g., I didn’t know that a bench-clearing brawl is called a “rhubarb” . . .

    Hah! Love it! And if you wanted to stick with the princess theme for the kids, you could have a “rhuby princess”. Didn’t know about the brawl meaning. English is a wonderful language, eh? ~Elise

  • Mina

    Ok. It is SO amazing!! I just tasted it (it still has a few minutes to go).

    Elise — once I strain the liquid, are there any uses for the pulp that remains? It seems like it might make a delicious spread or something.

    I kinda think the 3 Tbsp of chopped rosemary would overwhelm the remaining pulp, but if you find a use for it, please let us know! ~Elise

  • Mina

    I’m making this as we speak! I forgot to write down how much rhubarb to buy and when I was at the green grocer I bought two good-sized stalks. I think it’s about .87 lbs. Hope it’s still good!! Will let you know soon. (My husband just built a carbonation “system” in our house with a Co2 tank and everything!! Fizzy water on demand + good syrup ideas == never be bored again!)

    Thanks Elise!

  • Jolene

    This is SO simple – but the best! Mix 4 cups rhubarb and ½ cup white sugar in 9 x13” pan. Let stand awhile. Mix and pour over rhubarb: 1 cup flour, 1½ cups white sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder, and 1 egg beaten.

    Dribble 1/3 cup melted butter over top. Bake at 350° for about 1 hour.

  • Angela

    This sounds wonderful for summer parties! Which would be better for this – fresh squeezed lemon juice or juice from a bottle such as ReaLemon?

    I would say fresh, but then here in California we have no shortage of a year round supply of lemons. ~Elise

  • G

    Hmm, I spend a lot of time googling rhubarb recipes this time of year, so I can’t understand that. On Wednesday, after I get another 2-3 kg at the market, I’ll give this try: sounds interesting. I need to make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler in addition, though, or there will be great unhappiness in the household: we aim for 1-2 a week and compote another day.

    I think there are those who know of and love rhubarb and those who are unfamiliar with it and think the name sounds weird. Love, love, love strawberry rhubarb cobbler. We have a great recipe for it here on the site. ~Elise