No ImageRustic Apricot Tart

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  1. Grace Haener

    I made it yesterday and it was delicious


  2. [email protected]

    Perfect crust! I will replace my old crust recipe with this one, really fabulous. I made the crostata today with fresh apricots for Father’s Day lunch. My husband loved the tart with a scoop of vanilla ice cream Thank You Elise


  3. Christine

    I have to admit when I first read the recipe I was hesitant. I mean chili powder AND cardamom?? Sounds very strange! But, I did it. I made this recipe exactly as written and it was wonderful!! OH my yummy goodness. ALL of my 5 children loved it also. We topped it with homemade whipped cream. MMmmmm…..

  4. joan t

    Elise –

    I’m out of luck because apricot season is definitely over. Can you make this with dried apricots and soak them beforehand?

    Would love to make this for friends.

    Hi Joan. I haven’t tried making it with dried apricots, but if I were, I would definitely soak them first. If you do try it, please let us know in the comments how it turns out. ~Elise

  5. Ledia

    I agree with Peter from 6/20. This dessert is very rustic looking, the ingredients are simple, it’s easy to make and the results stunned me! I didn’t expect this to taste half as good as it did as I’m not a big raw apricot fan. Sensational!

  6. Patti

    We did this with a couple pears the other night, with just a little brown sugar and cinnamon, and it was lovely.

  7. theCook

    I read this recipe this morning and I had such an enormous wish for an apricot tart… I didn’t follow your recipe but I kept the idea of adding chile to the apricots (I used Espelette pepper)… You can see the result here:
    (sorry my blog is currently written in French but if you don’t understand there still are the pictures, and I can answer any question you have. Maybe one day my blog will go bilingual!)

  8. Erin

    Baking on a grill sounds interesting I will have to give that a shot.

    Do you think this recipe would work well with say peaches or pears as well?

  9. Abby

    A new grill is on our list … I’m just waiting on the July Fourth sales to kick in! I can’t wait to try pizzas and tarts …

  10. Katerina

    This is great, I have been wondering whether I could start doing my bread baking on my grill but hadn’t really investigated it thoroughly. The only bread product I have ever done this way is pizza which was fab. This could open up a whole new world.

  11. jonathan

    Apricots just hit the farmer’s market here (East Coast) over the last week or so. What to do with them…what to do with them…hmmmmm…


  12. Jennifer

    Yes, bake it on the grill, after taking off your main course….the tart will cook while you are eating and you will be able to enjoy a fresh warm tart!

  13. Shannon

    Ooh! Looks so good. I will have to see if I can modify this to make it gluten free. I absolutely adore baked goods with apricots (strange since I am not a huge fan of eating them fresh.)

    While I have never baked a dessert on the grill, we have started grilling pizzas. So good and super fast!