No ImageSaffron Rice Pilaf

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  1. Linda

    Can ground cardamom be substituted for the whole? Thanks! Linda

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  2. Saurabh

    Excellent recipe – worthy of a bookmark!
    Typical of pulaos – very flavourful but easy on the palate for those not used to spices. For those not afraid of a little more flavour, I would definitely recommend adding 1.5x-2x times all the spices except perhaps black peppercorns. I went to town with the ghee and the results are as expected – the fullness of the morsel in the mouth.
    I now make this regularly every few months!

    Also, Elise, the “white powder” on uncooked rice grains is mostly the starch from the milling process. It could potentially be other substances depending on where the rice comes from but none of them are unsafe. The general rule is that you rinse it clear (like you said) if you are making any non-sticky rice dish e.g. a pulao and do not rinse if you are making a sticky rice dish e.g. risotto or actual sticky rice.


  3. ShakeAndBake

    Very good and less fussy than I was expecting. I thought the spice level overall was very subtle and I will probably increase by 50% next time.

  4. Keerthan

    I need to one observation here. The name of this is not “Saffron rice Pilaf”. It’s “Saffron rice Pulav”

  5. pam

    thanks for sharing. this so yumm
    (although i used a lot more nuts & raisins)

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