No ImageSake Ginger Glazed Salmon

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  1. Benjamin

    Whats every ones preferred salmon of choice for this. I have sockeye aka red and also pink salmon.

  2. Steve

    Oh, I did use honey instead of sugar, and added some chopped cilantro also, and used less soy reduced sodium, because it can be powerful, be careful….

  3. Steve

    Made salmon many times on the grill, which has been very good. The marinade for this was outstanding, and then making it into a reduction sauce was incredible. I’ve had my moments with trying to make reduction sauce, but this just fell into place, my wife loved it. Served it up with a Sriracha slaw with roasted corn from the grill, awsome. Once again Thank YOU!


  4. Helene

    This dish was a great hit at our dinner table last night. Our guests were trying to guess the ingredients of the marinade :) We served them with pan fried asparagus over a miso butter (butter + miso paste + a dash of sherry vinegar).
    Went home at lunch time to get the marinade started and it was definitely worth it.
    Will try to re-use the left over marinade with another fish or even chicken this week-end.
    A real keeper!

  5. Sammy

    I have now made this dish twice, and it is the best tasting salmon ever! Question: When cooking the salmon in a pan, which side do you cook first? I tried both ways and it seemed like the fish stayed together better when I cooked the skin side down first, but maybe that was a coincidence. Thank so much Elise!

    I don’t think it matters, but whatever works for you, go for it! ~Elise


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