No ImageSalmon Fried Rice

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  1. Dot

    Do you have any recommendations for a side dish?

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  2. Kara

    This is a great recipe! I actually overcooked my salmon the 1st night. But this recipe transformed it into something delicious! I took the liberty of frying up a few slices of bacon. I used the fat of the bacon instead of oil and tossed the broken bits at the end.


  3. Prem Singh Sachakul

    Yummy… Healthy and light. Enjoyed making and eating as well


  4. Anne

    A hit with the whole family! It was a unique/different meal with no one flavour overpowering the other, which was fantastic. Every mouthful you get a taste of each ingredient. Easy to prep/make. Not too heavy on the stomach, but exactly what the body craved. This one is being written into the recipe book. *we used tinned salmon* (even better cold the next day as the flavours have developed through the dish… The kids even took a container to school for lunch!)


  5. Ruth

    I will definitely make this dish whenever there’s leftover Salmon.

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