No ImageSalmon Fried Rice

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  1. Dot

    Do you have any recommendations for a side dish?

  2. Kara

    This is a great recipe! I actually overcooked my salmon the 1st night. But this recipe transformed it into something delicious! I took the liberty of frying up a few slices of bacon. I used the fat of the bacon instead of oil and tossed the broken bits at the end.


  3. Prem Singh Sachakul

    Yummy… Healthy and light. Enjoyed making and eating as well


  4. Anne

    A hit with the whole family! It was a unique/different meal with no one flavour overpowering the other, which was fantastic. Every mouthful you get a taste of each ingredient. Easy to prep/make. Not too heavy on the stomach, but exactly what the body craved. This one is being written into the recipe book. *we used tinned salmon* (even better cold the next day as the flavours have developed through the dish… The kids even took a container to school for lunch!)


  5. Ruth

    I will definitely make this dish whenever there’s leftover Salmon.

  6. Katie

    I want make this dish for a party buffet. Is it o.k to prepare it the night before and warm it up the next day?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Katie, I have made and enjoyed the leftovers from making fried rice though my guess is it is still best if made right before you eat it.

  7. Marcia

    Tried this recipe this evening delicious, thank you. I had some cooked salmon left over from yesterday, used white onion, and no spring onions, as I didn’t have them, and I used some leftover quinoa, which gave a nutty bite. Otherwise followed it to the letter.
    I would also include this as a cold dish for a Buffet. I will definitely try your further recipes.
    Marcia uk.


  8. Nanc

    Wonderful recipe … easy and delicious…

  9. Deb Daniel

    We both loved this. I only had green pepper so will try red next time.


  10. Milan

    I love the recipe, it was Delicious. This recipe will definitely be in rotation. Thank you for Sharing.



    egg is the key to great chinese fried rice, but his recipe totally changes fried rice into a unique meal.

  12. Patricia

    This was really good and I didn’t have onions or the peppers I will make this again. Yummy


  13. Amal Ward

    Yum! I had no leftover salmon or rice. I had to prepare them first but that was the plan to start with :-). I was looking for a salmon and rice recipe. This seemed simple enough. It’s a “you can’t go wrong” recipe. Because I didn’t have all ingredients I used frozen mixed veggies instead of just peas, yellow onion instead of red, green pepper instead of red, and no scallions or cilantro. The ginger, soy, and brown sugar gave it the taste I was looking for! I did have to use about 4 more TBS of olive oil to keep everything from sticking. Maybe if I had a wok I would not have needed so much oil :-)

  14. Angela

    This is a great recipe for left over salmon grilled on the charcoal bbq! I left out the sugar and added 1 – 2 tablespoons more tamari sauce + no eggs … and it turned out delish. Also had some left over purple cabbage +asparagus spears that gave it some extra colour along with orange, yellow and red peppers. Yummy … thanks Elise!!

  15. Mischa

    How do you recommend cooking the salmon?

  16. Rusty Lillico

    I found a half-dozen raw peeled shrimp in the freezer as I was digging for the peas, so I dropped them in the oil at the beginning, tossed them to brown and took them out after maybe two minutes. Added them at the same time as the salmon, it added a little “paella” touch, but even without the shrimp, it would have been terrific. Great recipe, definitely going in my family food book!


  17. Kate

    I made this recipe (I’m eating it right now) and it’s PERFECT.

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