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  1. Meka

    These are great! Reminds me of crab cakes, they are excellent, I got my 3 kids to eat them and that’s a plus!


  2. Hayley

    As another reviewer said, this has way too much liquid. It just doesn’t work. I am in disbelief of those accompanying pictures because I don’t think it has been worked out correctly. I tried making this for an easy dinner and ended up having to throw out the patties and start over. The patties are goopy and don’t fry up easily. I used a very simple recipe from Allrecipes (1 egg, onion, bread crumbs, can of salmon, seasoning) that resulted in a much better texture.


  3. Kristen

    Elise, we are Traditional Catholics and attend the Latin rite. We still eat fish every Friday and add Wednesday in Lent. I have been reading your blog for years and truly I can say it has been a huge influence on my learning to cook! I send so many friends to your blog as it is such a well organized and reliable cooking resource. Keep up the good work and we love these patties!


  4. [email protected]

    Delicious! Used 2/3 C Panko crumbs. Made into 6 patties. Will definitely make again!! Thank you for an easy, tasty and healthy recipe!


  5. Glenda

    Taste was good. Very soupy. Didn’t want to stick together in skillet. Recipe said undrained salmon? Hoping that was a misprint.


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