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  1. Laila

    I made this tonight and it was really good. I didn’t have tarragon or chives so I used a generous amount of herbs de provance with basil and basted the salmon with the oil and herb mixture before baking to infuse the essences of the dry herbs into the salmon. Turned out wonderful.

  2. John

    Elise – There is a far more efficient way to peel a small number of tomatoes, and I’m surprised more people don’t seem to know about it. Basically you scrape the skin of the tomato with a very sharp paring knife, holding the blade nearly perpendicular to the surface, with firm pressure. This loosens the skin, allowing it to be easily removed.
    If you do it right, you’ll see the skin “darken” slightly as you scrape. I hold the knife in the four fingers of my right hand, blade pointing to the left, cutting edge down. Then let the tomato rest against my thumb, and scrape towards the thumb. Don’t cut or break the skin. Once you’ve done this all over the tomato, cut the core out and the skin should pull off easily. Takes a little practice, so don’t give up when it doesn’t work the first time. It works especially well on regular tomatoes – plum type tomatoes are, admittedly, a little tougher.
    I do this all the time – saves time, saves water, saves ice, doesn’t heat up the kitchen by boiling water.

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  3. Cathy Lawdanski

    Made this on Friday night. Loved it. Sharing the link with my e-mail list. Your site is one of my favorite recipe sites!

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  4. yoko

    this was a lovely change to the usual grilled/pan-fried salmon. it was too warm to turn on the oven so i poached the salmon in olive oil using the sous vide. my 1 year old son loved it so much he ate half of mine

  5. Ally

    This was absolutely FABULOUS! My sweetie ate almost an entire 9×12 dish of it!

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