No ImageSalted Pecan Cake + First Look at “Cake, I Love You!”

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  1. Madeleine

    It should be mentioned that a regular 1inch deep cake pan is too little. The pecan caramel overflew, the batter is definitely not cooked enough. I do hope the taste is worth it considering the cleaning job I have ahead of me.


  2. Charles

    I made this very carefully, taking heed of all the warning regarding Golden Syrup and timings; and using a 9″ cake tin.

    My problem was that the topping became runny in the cooking process, causing the cake to seem under cooked as it was soggy. I gave it an extra 10 minutes before realising the topping was the cause of the soggy cake.

    I left it to cool for 5 minutes before turning it out where the cake fell to pieces and the topping was extremely runny.

    Despite those problems, the taste is fantastic and I will make it again. The next time I will add the topping during the 5 minute cooling period in the tin, after cooking the cake.


  3. Bethchay aguilar

    My favorits pecan cake I always made….super yummy. Thanks for sharing this recipe…


  4. Nancy in California

    I would like to know what to do if you want to bake this cake in advance. Since the recipe calls for it to be served warm … should a cake made in advance be unfolded as per the instructions and served at room temperaure? Can it then be reheated (out of the baking pan)? Or should it be left in the pan until it is ready to serve?

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  5. Paul M.

    I used a 9-inch spring form pan and had to almost double the baking time. Baking powder was fresh last month so it’s not a chemical issue. Also, there seemed to be too much batter for a single layer 9-inch pan as pictured.

    My experience unmolding the cake was not easy as the topping had almost hardened and pulled clumps of cake out. I was able to make repairs but the hardened overflow that cooled on the plate made it very difficult to cut. However, the flavors were fantastic and enjoyed by my friend who normally shuns desserts.

    I’ll make it again but instead use two 8-inch pans and put the pecan topping on each. Chopping the pecans smaller or using pecan bits will also help.

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