No ImageSanta Maria Style Tri Tip

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  1. Beth

    This spice rub was SO good! Love the recommendation to leave fat on and grill it fat side up to baste the meat as it cooked.


  2. Donna

    After years of doing the basic salt, pepper & garlic powder, we decided to try something new. So glad we did!


  3. Dave

    Recipe is perfect, method is a little odd. What I do is get an old shaker and fill it with the rub. Then I coat my tri-tip, like cover every square inch, trust me it sounds like a lot but this way I’ve gotten invited to cook at other peoples parties just so they can eat it again. Also I grill the tri-tip from start to finish. I just put the grill on lowest heat setting and set it away from the direct flame (using small table top grill). Takes about 15 minutes then I flip, go 10 minutes on that side and done, rare in the center well towards the edges for the kids.

  4. Lindsay Velianoff

    Perfect! I get insane compliments every time I use this run on a tri tip! I highly recommend it and wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve been using this run for YEARS!


  5. Dolores Gonzales

    Can I cook my tri tip in the oven and at what temperature?

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