No ImageSanta Maria Style Tri Tip

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  1. Donna

    After years of doing the basic salt, pepper & garlic powder, we decided to try something new. So glad we did!


  2. Dave

    Recipe is perfect, method is a little odd. What I do is get an old shaker and fill it with the rub. Then I coat my tri-tip, like cover every square inch, trust me it sounds like a lot but this way I’ve gotten invited to cook at other peoples parties just so they can eat it again. Also I grill the tri-tip from start to finish. I just put the grill on lowest heat setting and set it away from the direct flame (using small table top grill). Takes about 15 minutes then I flip, go 10 minutes on that side and done, rare in the center well towards the edges for the kids.

  3. Lindsay Velianoff

    Perfect! I get insane compliments every time I use this run on a tri tip! I highly recommend it and wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve been using this run for YEARS!


  4. Dolores Gonzales

    Can I cook my tri tip in the oven and at what temperature?

  5. James

    You can also trim the fat-side into the largest slab you can. . . and simply place it atop whichever side is ‘up’ while grilling.
    And yes, *always* use an untrimmed roast.

    Santa Maria style traditionally uses an adjustable-height, open-pit grill, as well.

    I miss the BBQ Bus on Broadway. . .

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