No ImageSardine Rillettes

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  1. Michael

    I made this today basically using this recipe. I order one of the top rated sardines from Portugal. I used three 4.23 oz before drained cans. I cut them down the middle and removed the spine, saved the oil, and put them in a small shallow oven safe dish and poured the oil back on them. I put a small fire box in my gas grill with some apple wood and kept the temperature around 200 degrees after I got the applewood smoking and smoked them for about 1 1/2 hours then followed the recipe as presented. Very good!


  2. Karen

    Wow so delicious! I didn’t have sardines so used canned smoked trout.


  3. Perle Champion

    Just googled rillette. New term I read on instagram this morning. I make w/o cheese and never remove bones. I use either packed in mustard or red sauce and mash to paste, spice w cayenne, drizzle of malt vinegar, mix in finely minced onion and serve variously on crackers, bruschetta, cucumber or radish rounds or in celery hearts. Thanks

  4. Michael

    I made this yester day for an appetizer. Delicious! Thank you for sharing!


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  5. Higgy

    This reminds me strongly of Gefuellte Gurken – a German stuffed cucumber dish, so I think this spread could also work on fresh cucumber slices in the summer. I shall try this later and report back!

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