No ImageSausage, Peppers, and Onions

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  1. Ron

    Never, ever use bell peppers…they are the wrong taste and consistency. Cubanelle, also known as Italian frying peppers, are the only peppers to use.

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  2. Christopher

    My mom always made basically this growing up, we’d use Cajun seasoning and have it over rice. I always loved it and still make it for myself and my wife.

    One day it dawned on me that my mom probably loved when I asked for this because it’s so easy to make.

  3. Ashlie

    I love this recipe. I’ve made it a few different ways. Sometimes I don’t have wine, so I skip that part. Sometimes I add extra tomatoes and seasonings and pour it over spaghetti.


  4. Shatana

    This is a family favorite! For a low carb option, we complete with an over medium egg!


  5. Rosemarie

    This has been my go to recipe for sausage and peppers for the past 5 years.
    Everyone always eats it all when I make it. Thank you for introducing this to the wide world of cooking


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