No ImageSautéed Chestnuts, Onions, and Bacon

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  1. Dan

    If there is an oriental grocery store near you check it out, ask the employee if they have it. Mine does, in fact, have raw chestnuts that are peeled and vaccum packed in the freezer section. Some are on the shelves in packets that have been sweetened. I have looked in so many stores with no luck. I hope there is a store near you.


  2. David

    I made this because I could tell it would be delicious based on the ingrediants. A bit time intensive (I roasted fresh chestnuts and made a double recipe- peeling pearl onions gets tedious) but it was very much worth it. So savory!

  3. Lillias

    saw this and had to try it, christmas dinner was fabulous but this really stole the show! even the vegetarians (4 of the 11 people around the table) decided they could try the chestnuts! multiple thumbs up!

  4. Joan

    NY’ers looking for less expensive (vacuum-packed) roasted chestnuts – check out Chinatown. Definitely less expensive than Whole Foods.

  5. Charlene

    I found vacum packed chestnuts at Trader Joes and the Pasta Shop in Berkeley,CA. Hope that this helps. I am bringing this to our family dinner to complement roast Goose,Just snuck a taste,yummy!!

  6. Anna Marie

    I made this last night for Christmas Eve dinner & it stole the show! I love the hint of sweetness the honey brings to the dish. Delicious!

  7. Ken Lynch

    I have been making this dish for a few years now but I have a few additional ingredients. I also put in some rasins or dates and almonds. Great dish!

  8. David Leite

    Hi all, thanks for the kind comments. A few things:

    Pam, you can get chestnuts in jars and in vacuum-packed packages online. has them, as well as the individual growers.

    Gaelle, you can certainly use fresh chestnuts, but I find them just a little but too meaty tasting versus the jarred, which have a bit of sweetness and complement the saltiness of the bacon.

    Ben, I don’t know of a good Portuguese restaurant in Chicago, but I’m looking into it.

    Andre, Sim!