No ImageSautéed Petrale Sole in Herb Butter Sauce

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  1. Nandita

    Fabulous flavors! It was my first time cooking petrale sole and I was pleased to find I had all the ingredients to make this recipe.


  2. Pam Garson

    Easy and seemed like I cooked a gourmet meal in minutes!!


  3. Jay

    Large sole, head off. Poach in large frypan with lid and a twisted ring of 7 lemongrass leaves, one pat of butter, one teaspoon rocksalt. 3 minutes simmer, remove to plate, skin and lift fillets off to a hot plate. The lemongrass removes the overly fishy flavour.

  4. Carol Miranda

    Lenten season here in Mumbai India, most catholic homes eat only fish on Fridays now with the global situation try to eat only veg. during Lent and no alcohol till Easter. But one favourite dish was mackerel marinated with lemon juice and slit in the middle, stuffied with a masala paste of marinated onions, chili powder, tamarind and turmeric and the fish is tied and then pan fried on low heat on both sides. Simply divine with crusted brown bread. !

  5. Mary

    Elise, I prepare tilapia like this quite often; it’s a great quick meal, and with fresh herbs growing on my patio, I can always pick something a little different to change the recipe just a bit. Love it!

    Teresa, I just tried your layered recipe, and WOW, it was awesome! Here were my variations:
    *I used salmon filets because they were on sale (don’t we love a good salmon sale??)
    *I added some sliced garlic on top of the spinach.
    *I placed lemon slices on top of the fish.
    *I added a little white wine to the sauce.
    At about 1/2 cup total liquid, I think I started with a little too much liquid because my spinach boiled instead of steaming, but the flavor was fantastic, so we didn’t mind.
    Next time, I would really make the fennel layer very substantial or maybe even add a star anise. It added such an interesting flavor to the sauce, and I think I want to try to bring it out a little more next time. I say pack that skillet base with the fresh fennel!

    I’ll definitely be making this again soon, maybe with a white fish next time. Thanks for sharing!

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