No ImageSesame Chicken Fingers with Spicy Orange Dipping Sauce

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  1. Allie Foerster

    So so awesome! A great spin on chicken fingers. I’m wondering two things. 1. Would this work if you wanted to fry it? And in that case could you just use the raw panko and sesame seeds as the breading?
    2. Can anyone recommend an Asian slaw or side dish that would work well with these?

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  2. Hugh

    Tried this last night and it came out great. Didn’t have panko so I used regular bread crumbs – no problem. Also did the milk + vinegar vs. buttermilk. Chicken was great- if you like it spicy the sauce isn’t incredibly hot, so you’ll want to double down on the sriracha or your favorite hot sauce to really up the heat. Thanks for posting!


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  3. Sam

    Wow – these just came out of the oven and I’m not sure if the leftovers I planned to freeze will exist. These are delicious!

  4. Laurel Montaine

    I tried this, and it turned out great. I did however, substitute the olive oil for sesame seed oil and it was so flavorful!

  5. Nisanka Kusumsiri

    I want to cook this for my one year 10 month baby. She loves fried food. I want to make them healthier than just offering a fried junk food. Has anyone tried this for a baby of this age? Is it soft enough to bite/chew for a baby of this age? Thanks for comments.

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