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  1. Joshua Eason

    I just did something similar today and it was great :D We’ve had the bitter orange trees at my grandma’s for years, but they’ve always considered them ornamental not edible.

    At the beginning of this year, I had found a recipe for orange salmon that used Seville oranges, so I looked it up to find out what they were and sure enough, they are the bitter ones we grow.

    Today, I’ve finally brought a huge bag of oranges from my grandma’s and the first thing I did was make a beverage with it: Lemonade, substituting the lemon juice for the orange.

    I think I’ll try it with some of the lemon like you do though. Thank you for always sharing such lovely recipes.

  2. clare

    I live in Alberta and am desperate to find bitter marmalade oranges to make some marmalade – any suggestions as to where I can find some would really be appreciated….

    June in the northern hemisphere is not the season for seville oranges. Better luck in January or February. ~Elise

  3. lewis

    I can’t find a seville orange tree to plant in our back yard.Our neighbour had a huge one with fruit overhanging our wall and each year I would make at least a dozen pints of delicious marmalade.Alas,a new neighbour moved in and had it chopped down.Brings tears to your eyes.

  4. Marc

    I often see Seville oranges in Berkeley Bowl in the conventional citrus section. They might also sell organic, but I don’t recall seeing them. Anything is possible at “the Bowl.”

    In north Berkeley, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monterey Market sold them.

  5. jose

    Elise, here in Northern California(SF), I’ve been looking for a source for these Seville oranges. It sounds like you grow these yourself. Know of anywhere else I could find them?

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