No ImageSheet Pan Chicken with Roasted Broccoli and Potatoes

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  1. Ben A.

    Delicious! I doubled the spices and oil because I used chicken breasts, subbed cayenne for ancho chili (what I had on hand), and added 1tsp Cajun seasoning and 2tsp lemon juice to give it more flavor. The way the sauce soaks up into the broccoli is just incredible!


  2. K.goydan

    Delicious ………perfect my family loved it


  3. Catherine

    This was a very lovely recipe! I used small, thawed, skinless chicken breasts and Costco frozen organic broccoli florets. Because I was using skinless breasts, I increased the (avacado) oil to 2 tbsp and, because the florets were frozen, I was able to put all of the ingredients and spices (chose hot paprika) into one large bowl and stirred with a long handled spoon until well coated. I lined 2 sheet pans with parchment and arranged the chicken breasts in one pan and divided the veggies into the rest of the available space between pans. Because the breasts were small, I was able to avoid the two stage cooking and put both pans into the oven together @ 500 degrees for 20 mins and the whole thing was done to perfection. I sprinkled the lemon rind after they were cooked and sprinkled the juice of a small lemon over everything rather than serving with wedges. It was delicious and clean up was simple. Awesome recipe. Thank you, Sabrina


  4. Lise

    A go-to recipe, chicken is always so juicy and flavourful!


  5. Judydepasquale

    It was delicious! I make it 2 or 3 times a month.
    It’s easy peasy. Everything on one pan! Just the bowl that you season potatoes & chicken with & the pan to wash. Better yet get an aluminum throw out pan….I do…then just wash the bowl when preparing this recipe. I put my extra touch on it by putting in some cut up ( 1/2 inch pieces) of chorizo sausage ( its already cooked) scattered around & I between the chicken & potatoes. It gives it a special flavor that you’re gonna like.
    I’m making it again tonight! YUM !


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