No ImageShrimp and Grits

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    This was amazing! Friends asking for recipe. Will definitely make again!


  2. Arleen

    OMG! This was awesome! I did every thing by the recipe, but added chopped kielbasa sausage in with the shrimp. Next time I will add andouille sausage.


  3. [email protected]

    so my family wants this for our family reunion..(25 of us).I already plan on keeping the shrimp, cooked bacon , cooked cut sausage and cooked vegetables separate in baggies and freeze them.. I already have jars of frozen homemade chicken broth…. Im even going to cut up the garlic and freeze it in the butter….would it still work if I added the roux in the vegetables or cook that and freeze in a jars..I do not want to be in the kitchen all day. and oh…I have “test” drove this 2 times and its awesome…but like others we have noooo slow cooked grits anywhere so I will order on line so what is the best grits you all recommend.

  4. Jessica

    We make this at least once a month it’s a delicious staple in our house, only thing I do differently is I use white wine bs the stock and I don’t chop the shrimp I like them whole.


  5. Andrew

    Nice recipe, I use Andouille instead of bacon, or a little combo of both. The best grits I have found are Red Mule from GA.

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