No ImageShrimp and Grits

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    This was amazing! Friends asking for recipe. Will definitely make again!


  2. Arleen

    OMG! This was awesome! I did every thing by the recipe, but added chopped kielbasa sausage in with the shrimp. Next time I will add andouille sausage.


  3. [email protected]

    so my family wants this for our family reunion..(25 of us).I already plan on keeping the shrimp, cooked bacon , cooked cut sausage and cooked vegetables separate in baggies and freeze them.. I already have jars of frozen homemade chicken broth…. Im even going to cut up the garlic and freeze it in the butter….would it still work if I added the roux in the vegetables or cook that and freeze in a jars..I do not want to be in the kitchen all day. and oh…I have “test” drove this 2 times and its awesome…but like others we have noooo slow cooked grits anywhere so I will order on line so what is the best grits you all recommend.

  4. Jessica

    We make this at least once a month it’s a delicious staple in our house, only thing I do differently is I use white wine bs the stock and I don’t chop the shrimp I like them whole.


  5. Andrew

    Nice recipe, I use Andouille instead of bacon, or a little combo of both. The best grits I have found are Red Mule from GA.

  6. Ksholinsky

    Delicious. I use goat cheese instead of cheddar because of a cow milk allergy and that gives it a nice tang. You can also substitute vegetable broth for chicken.


  7. Steven Bradley

    The only thing I would do different is I wouldn’t add the cooked bacon until the very end. I think having a crispy element (especially bacon) adds to the texture. The chicken stock made the bacon soggy. Other than that it was a great tasting dish.

  8. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    If you have a hard time finding decent grits — get polenta. Delicious and they have the stone ground which gives you that special taste. Another hint from an Italian who’s made lots of polenta and grits. Start cold. Yep!! Throw the grits in with the cold salted water and bring to a simmer. You’ll never get lumps and it will be just the consistency you want. Of course, I named our Shrimp and Polenta.

  9. sara

    lacking in flavor

    • Mischa G

      Grits, for me, along with potatoes and noodles, need salt for flavor.
      I found this an excellent rendition that even my 85 yo mother thoroughly enjoyed (I personally don’t care for sea food of any kind, but will eat shrimp on occasion) We both had two helpings. It desperately needs salt, but as I cook for diabetics, I never add salt when I’m cooking, it’s only found on the table. Try it, I bet you’ll love it.

    • Elise Bauer

      add salt

  10. Rachel Sullivan

    I had to use Go-Veggie cheese shreds (daughter is lactose intolerant) and margarine instead of butter. Still good and we enjoyed getting to have shrimp and grits.

  11. Shan

    I create a traditional roux and add the items from there with the half and half and some water to thin out as needed and butter for richness.

  12. Shari

    I also used the shells to make a shrimp stock. I added it to the shrimp instead of the chicken broth/stock. Added another layer of flavor.
    This is a great recipe! We had a similar dish in NC, and I was looking to replicate it. My husband was extremely happy with this rendition!! Thank you so much for always posting such interesting recipes.
    I’ve been following this site for many years now. I always trust your recipes!

  13. Linda Lambert

    Hi there it was my first time making shrimp and grits. Wonderful recipe,full of flavor. Thank you so much for that recipe. Very Good!!!


  14. Jennifer

    I usually just use Quaker Instant Grits (which we here in Southeastern PA, who also love grits, don’t have any issues with in a pinch)… Is this not readily available elsewhere?

  15. sfaiella

    I found stone-ground white grits at Trader Joe’s in Columbus, Ohio. Check your local store.

  16. Sharon

    I followed this recipe (as ingredients on hand would allow) and also added seared scallops and blue crab meat. It was pretty darn good!

  17. Mary in Missouri

    Love shrimp and grits and will make this momentarily! One change I am making tonight is subbing smoked gouda for the white cheddar cheese–a local restaurant makes it this way, and few things are lovelier than sitting on their patio, dining on shrimp and grits, sipping wine, and watching the sun set! Next time, I will treat the family to the white cheddar, though–being cheese fans, I know we will all enjoy it!

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