No ImageShrimp, Bacon, Avocado Pasta Salad

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  1. gab

    This looks great and I love the combination of avocado and bacon. One question, does this travel well if we wanted to make it for a picnic?

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  2. Scott

    made yesterday in 105 degree east sacramento…only change was pancetta for bacon and pimenton for chipoltle (not my fav)…..excellent hot summer lite supper, the dressing is just right, BTW


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  3. Sandy S

    What a winning combination! The lime/mustard dressing and cilantro brings so much flavor! For me, they are key. But, I encourage anyone who is not fond of either limes or cilantro (or some other ingredient) to drop what they don’t like and go ahead with the other items. It’s that good! I had to sub a few things – GF penne pasta, red pepper flakes and I added a dash of white pepper and a tablespoon of lemon juice to the dressing (I ran short of lime juice). For those who are vegetarians, you can go places with this salad!!! The dressing is sure to wake up other combinations of either raw or parboiled veggies. I will double the dressing recipe next time.


  4. Susan

    This sounds fabulous. I love the idea of marinating the shrimp with chipotle powder for a little spiciness. Can’t wait to make this. I bet some diced mango and/or roasted corn kernels would be good in this, too.

  5. Dawn

    Thank you so much for this recipe, Elise. We made it for lunch today. I didn’t have any Chipotle chile powder, so I mixed smoked paprika and cayenne. Also our cilantro looked very sad, so I used flat-leaf parsley instead. It was delicious! My husband can’t wait to have the leftovers. I bet some baby spinach tossed into this with a little extra dressing would be great too.


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