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  1. JP Colter

    I love this recipe. The only changes I ever make is to add more onion because I love onion and sometime some finely diced celery and a tbsp of mayo for creaminess. Those changes are not really needed as the recipe is great as-is.


  2. Kristen

    Made these for my one year old tonight. I had a couple of weird things happen – my sweet potatoes dried out with that much cooking, so I would do less next time – and my garlic burned at only 2 mins of cooking. So I just did raw garlic, shallot instead of red onion, and added water to moisten the potato. Baked them for 14 mins and he ate 3 just tonight. Freezing them after baking and putting them in a Ziploc to reheat for meals later.

  3. Suzy

    I made these tonight, I doubled the recipe but they were too soft. I may have needed to add more than 2x the breadcrumbs .. Just not sure. Any suggestions?

  4. Maureen

    Hello Elise. Rather than toasting whole spices and grinding them (I don’t have a spice grinder and my blender is unlikely to satisfactorily grind such a small quantity) can pre-ground cumin and coriander be subbed? If yes, what quantities would you suggest?
    Thanks, Maureen

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  5. JESS

    Can they be made and frozen before cooking?

    I don’t see why not. ~Elise

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