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  1. nancy

    I just made this yesterday for my father in law and I since we are the only shrimp eaters and it was amazing! All I did was add some salt and plenty of pepper and it was SOOO good. I made a small batch and it’s all gone. :( I really like that this recipe calls for no tomato.


  2. Amelia

    I’ve made this for years and I’m always asked to bring it to parties, make it for gatherings, and even been told people would pay me for it! I sometimes double and triple the recipe. I add salt to taste and sometimes up the pepper amounts because you get more flavor than spice and every so often that nice fiery kick :-) This is the only recipe I’ll ever make for ceviche! LOVE!


  3. Jay

    So good!! Added a dash of hot sauce, some cracked black pepper, and a little olive oil to finish. Subbed cucumber for tomatoes since we ran out, but the entire family was licking the bowl clean. :) Thanks for the great recipe!


  4. Heather

    This was amazing and EXACTLY what I wanted it to be! It reminds me of the Ceviche we had on vacation in Mexico…. I’m making my second batch and have added small scallops Into the mix. :)


  5. Gama

    Ceviche should be raw and fresh, the author is right in pointing out that if your shrimp isn’t fresh it may represent a threat, so it’s a good alternative. I’m sure this recipe is delicious but it is not entirely authentic, but I’m sure that wasn’t the intention either. I suggest, to anyone reading this, trying out some Peruvian or Mexican ceviche where the shrimp is “raw”, if it is safe for you, it does make a big difference and it is a very different experience from boiled shrimp. Another recipe I suggest if you have some shrimp is Shrimp cocktail which is fairly similar, but not ceviche, and here you do boil the shrimp. A little tip when boiling the shrimp is to add some ingredients to the boiling water as well, such as: garlic, onion, parsley, salt, pepper, etc. it helps the flavor! You can experiment with other things! Happy cooking.

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