No ImageSichuan Eggplant

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  1. Melissa Mcguinness

    Just curious if you tried regular eggplant.

  2. Maureen Griffin

    Delicious! This is the second time we made this with eggplants, scallions, garlic and hot lemon drop peppers, all from our garden, we added the lemon drop because we love heat, and we used fresh noodles instead of rice. Your recipe is a keeper! Thank you so much.


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  3. Mark

    I made this dish as a contribution to a Chinese New Years banquet – I managed to find all the ingredients and made it exactly as per the recipe. Everybody loved it, and the one ethnic Chinese guy amongst us (most of us are white Australians) said it was the most authentic tasting dish of the night!

    Will definitely reprise :-)

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  4. Donna Babb

    I have tried SOOOOO many seczhuan eggplant recipes and have found this recipe to be far superior to all others. It has such depth of flavor that is both intense and subtle; and it is super simple in preparation. Thank you.


  5. Barry Shell

    Really enjoyed making and eating this today with my family. Thanks so much for posting it. I like the way you included the mise en place section first, and then your timings were very accurate. Nice job! Came out great. I wonder if the people who complained about the peppers were using REAL sichuan pepper corns, or just ordinary pepper? Also, the numbing quality of the sichuan pepper is reduced by cooking as well as the interaction with chilli bean paste and vinegar, so if the recipe is done correctly it’s not very noticeable at all.

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