No ImageSimple Cooked Tomato Salsa

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  1. Carolyn Rosner

    I plan to try this, with some roasted chiles from my garden, and canned, crushed tomatoes. What is the reasoning behind cooking? Is it to remove the “tinny” taste of the canned tomatoes and blend flavors better? You don’t explain why this salsa is cooked. Thanks!

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  2. Denny Graham

    This is a fantastic recipe; it’s simple, one doesn’t have to run to store, and extremely tasty. I used the perfect tomatoes and the less than perfect tomatoes, and the salsa is still great. I’ve used one jalapeno with the seeds removed and two jalapenos with seeds, plus a couple Serrano’s. More heat, but still great. And with this recipe, the salsa doesn’t spend much in fridge. Tonight I used about half batch while watching the news. Good stuff!

  3. Linda

    I love this method. I also left out the water, and for those who want a less runny salsa, just cook it longer! The next time I make it, I will use a ghost pepper…

  4. irregardlessly

    I changed a little, did not add the water (fresh tomatoes were watery already) and used whatever peppers were from my grandmother’s garden. It was very tasty but very thin/runny. I like smooth salsa but was expecting something a little thicker. As the recipe goes it is IMHO too thin for e.g. dipping with chips. Probably very good as a sauce though. I may try just finely dicing the tomatoes next time instead of blending on puree.

    Cooking it longer will thicken it more. ~Elise

  5. Janet

    Just made this with tomatoes from our Grandma’s garden. FINALLY after many attempts to make home made salsa only to be disappointed in the taste. For me this one is a Keeper. Very simple. I really like cilantro so I took a handful with some stems and added it to the blender. I made one mistake I used 6 tomatoes so I figured i needed to add more water then the 1/4 cup so I doubled the water. To me there is NO NEED to double the water probally would not of tasted watery if I did not double the water. I did double the garlic though and to me that worked out nicely. Thank You, Thank You .

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