No ImageSkillet Chicken with Cheesy Orzo and Zucchini

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  1. David

    it’s a hit at my house. I do have a question though. if I wanted to shred the chicken and mix it in would boiling it to cook then shred and add to the orzo at the end work best or is there a better way to do it?


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  2. Elizabeth

    Omg you need to leave the chicken in way longer to make sure it’s not pink! I highly recommend tenderizing ( pounding)the breast pieces so they are all the same thickness, and can cook according to your recipe, and leaving the zucchini in longer than suggested as well for those that want it more tender. Other than these things, it’s a good attempt for a one skillet option. More herbs are always a good idea as well …..


  3. Alissa

    The recipe calls for boneless skinless chicken breast, but the photos and instructions really seem like it should be for bone in with skin- am I just confused?

  4. Sandy S

    Wonderful recipe! I made a GF version by using GF spaghetti broke into 1/2″ pieces. I also used full fat canned coconut milk in place of the half and half. The sauce tasted so good at that point I skipped the cheese and was quite happy with how it turned out! Looking forward to other variations with the suggested peas or broccoli and possibly with fried/seasoned cubed tofu and mushrooms in place of the chicken. Might also be good spiced with some hot peppers. It comes together fairly quickly once the prepping is done. Wil definitely be enjoying variations over this fall and winter!


  5. Diane Dubois

    Loved the orzo with the cheese mix. Used broccoli which was so good too. But the chicken breasts were tough (I split them in half because they were so thick). Could I substitute with chicken thighs? Or what tips to
    Tenderize chicken?

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