No ImageSkillet Pork Chops with Cabbage

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  1. Carol

    Omg I forgot the parsley too and it was still very good. Next time caraway seeds and parsley for sure.

  2. Carol

    It was very good. Didn’t have caraway seeds but wish 8 did. Could have used a little more flavor. I will make it again


  3. Scott

    This recipe is fantastic! My wife always cooks up pork and cabbage on New Years Day, as part of her heritage. Today, she was not feeling well. I told her I would take care of dinner. I made this recipe along with some garlic roasted potatoes. The whole family loved the meal. Thank you for posting this!


  4. James Boyd

    , love, Love love it! I made it just like you said EXCEPT…….I added some light brown sugar and 1/2 a bottle of DR. Pepper. That will satisfy my wife’s urge to put applesauce on it


  5. Dee

    I didn’t made it yet but want. Do I need to cover the pan with cabbage during cooking?
    Thank you

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