No ImageSlow Cooked Boston Baked Beans

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  1. Pam

    The sauce is much thinner that I expected. Is there a way to thicken it or perhaps in the future use maybe 2 cups of water instead of 3?


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  2. Lee

    I do not recommend this. I soaked and cooked my beans for 12 hours on low as suggested and the beans were not cooked. Eating under cooked beans can be dangerous. I changed the cooker to high and 8 hours later they were only mostly done and burnt. I had to throw the whole thing out. Next time I start with fully cooked beans.

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  3. Ruthie

    Turned out perfect. I did tweak it just a bit. In addition to the chopped onion I studded a small onion with cloves instead of powder cloves. I also just used regular dry mustard as I had no Dijon, I soaked the beans overnight and then boiled them for one hour. I added less water to start and added more as needed so beans sauce stayed thick. I used thick slice bacon. Thanks for the yummy recipe!


  4. Tamara

    You forgot the onion. True Boston beans always include an onion (whole) in the pot, along with the salt pork. My mother would put the whole thing together on Friday night, bake it overnight to have ready for Saturday dinner.

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  5. Karen Heskey

    The faithful process calls to soak great northern beans overnight and drain. Now put them in a good sized pot, plenty of water, and simmer on the stove until you can gently blow on their skins and the skins break freely. THEN proceed with the crockpot. You can also substitute (real) maple syrup for the brown sugar.

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