No ImageSlow Cooker Turkey Stew with Mustard and Root Vegetables

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  1. Andrea

    I understand the likelihood of getting a quick answer (especially now) is pretty slim, but here goes nothing. Do you add the potatoes in the last 1-2 hours or is that an additional 1-2 hours?

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  2. Brenda

    I would love to make this but at this time of year I can only find boneless turkey thighs. Is it possible to use them and if so, how would I have to change the recipe?

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  3. Oralea Howard

    This was ridiculously tasty. It’s definitely going to be one of my regulars… as are quite a few recipes I’ve gotten from you! I used one gigantic turkey breast as I didn’t find thighs and didn’t want to go to another store searching. It still tasted divine to me! My husband would err on the side of dark meat always but I never buy it (although willing to give it a try here). He loved it too! Thank you!


  4. Chris

    Made this today with chicken thighs (couldn’t find turkey legs or thighs anywhere). A fabulous recipe, bags of flavour and very little effort – my kind of recipe.

    Another winner Elise :)

    Thank you.


  5. Chris

    Excuse the silly question… Is yellow mustard the same as the stuff you put on hot dogs? It’s not a term I’ve heard of in England. (and does mustard come in other colours?)

    Hi Chris, yes, it’s the mustard you put on hot dogs. It has turmeric mixed in with the mustard which gives it a brighter yellow color. ~Elise

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