No ImageSlow Cooker Brats and Beer Cheese Dip

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  1. Rachel

    I am really not sure what happened but this was not a good party dip. I added everything to my slow cooker and it looked really good but then the longer it sat, the more watery it got. By the end of the night, it was more like beer brat cheese soup and I ended up throwing it away. Really disappointing and it didn’t work for a party situation at all since it was too watery to scoop out onto a plate. Most everything I’ve made from the simply recipes site has been really good so this was a rare disappointment.


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  2. Kim

    Hello, a quick question– once the onion and garlic get cooked, do you leave them in the pan and add the beer or take them out before you pour the beer in? I was going to leave them in, but thought I’d double check! Thanks :)

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  3. Pouncy

    In Japan there are often bars right outside the base that get the game over satellite with the original commercials, not AFN! Super Bowl Monday breakfast buffets are part of the experience of being stationed in 7th Fleet!

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  4. Marlene

    This looks amazing! What type of sausage Can I substitute for the bratwurst? (I don’t cook with pork.) Thanks!

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  5. Missy

    UM YES! adding this to my gameday spread! I already have the beef, bean and beer chili and the blue cheese stuffed buffalo chicken meatballs down on But, this will top it all off for some great dipping. Thanks for sharing!

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