No ImageSlow Cooker Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

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  1. Ro

    Instead of pork shoulder, I used two loins of pork. (They were on sale at Costco and I thought Why Not ). Fabulous outcome! I froze the pulled pork in individual portions using my Food Safer – a delicious “I need it now” treasure in my freezer. My grandson, home on break from college, and getting something from my freezer said, “Grandma you have pulled pork ready to go in your freezer! How great is that!” Perhaps a learning lesson for a someday college grad on a limited budget?


  2. Kay

    I’m from NC and used our local soft drink, Cheerwine! Turned out great.


  3. shawn

    Excellent… used Pepsi, but will try the Dr Pepper next go-around.


  4. Debra

    My slow cooker has high and low; what is the rule? Since it’s slow should I use the low setting?

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  5. Jeff McNeal

    Instead of making beans or throwing away the cooking liquid, I just strained it, put in a 12″ fry pan (for surface area) and reduced it by 2/3’s. Made the perfect BBQ sauce to put on the sandwiches because it matched the flavor profile of the meat!

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