No ImageBLT with Arugula

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  1. Lajuana

    I made this recipe three days in a row last week… was easy, light, and delicious! I will never make a BLT again….plus I needed an alternative because I can’t eat allot of lettuce, so this was great for me. Thanks Elise!


  2. Nicole

    Wow, what a great sandwich. My new favorite. We used ugly tomatoes b/c they are bit “beefier” and fresh organic/local arugula. love, love, love!


  3. Sunny

    Ok, so last week after tennis in the AM, I had this sandwich on the brain. Went to Costco and got my avocados and then to Publix for their 16 grain fresh bread. Didn’t get the arugula as we were leaving for Greenville, get our fix on seeing the grandkids.
    Couldn’t get home fast enough to make this heavenly sandwich.
    But man oh man, that sandwich was awesome with the avocado.Almost couldn’t wait to sit down and eat it. But I did. YUM
    Next will have the arugula.

  4. dave

    Bacon fats clogs the pipe? This scares the daylight out of me. Imagine what it can do to your body!

    Any fat that is solid at room temperature will clog your home’s pipes, not just bacon fat, and should not be poured down the drain. Your body, on the other hand, is designed to process fat. In fact, you need it to live. I highly recommend the following book on the subject: Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes by Jennifer McLagan. My grandmothers, who both died in their 90s, were no strangers to bacon fat. My father, who just turned 80, is healthier, and more fit, than most people I know in their 30s, and he adores bacon, eats it at least once a week. As with anything, moderation is the key. ~Elise

  5. Leslie

    This was perfect, all the ingredients for this recipe were already in my fridge. I also put a poached egg on top… delicious!


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