No ImageSmoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Toasts

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  1. Remy

    Love the salmon on goat cheese. Thanks


  2. John Heinemann

    Wow, thanks for the recipe. We just hosted an open house and these moved faster than anything else. I cut the toasted baguettes in half to spread it around and it worked.

    I kept part of the cheese for next week when we’ll be having a New Year’s Eve party. The cheese is dated through January, but are there any ramifications for keeping the herbs in the cheese for that long?

    You should be fine. ~Elise

  3. purvis

    Wow! These were great, so fresh, and so easy to make. Love the taste of the herbs. For once, I followed the recipe exactly. I did halve it, though, and my husband and I had this for dinner along with red seedless grapes. Mmmm… He really liked these, but next time he says he’d prefer thinner toasts (I cut them a bit thick), and a little less cheese or more salmon.

  4. Sonia

    I made these for our Christmas Eve “Tapas” meal….they were delicious. For the bread I used thinly sliced and toasted sourdough baguettes. I had all the ingredients handy and didn’t have to buy anything….herbed goat cheese and a small package of paper thin smoked salmon in the refrigerator. Instead of lemon peel I used the thin peel of a lime from a tree in our yard…These limes turn orange when ripe and have a sour orange taste, but are halfway between the size of a sour orange and a calamandin.
    So easy and delicious….The addition of the bit of peel makes a big difference!

  5. Frantzie

    Sounds/looks wonderful. Also like Lee’s method of making rolls.

    Scatter the very thinly-sliced lemon peel on a plate or on the cutting board and leave it out for an hour or so. It will form a curlicue, which is very pretty. Longer than an hour, and it would probably get too dry to be chewed satisfactorily. I do this as decoration for lemon tartlets and for steamed asparagus.

    Thanks for your blog – have been lurking for several months and have tried several of your recipes – wonderful results!

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