No ImageSmoked Salmon and Gruyere Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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  1. Weiwen Ng

    I just did these with preserved lemons made from regular lemons. It was very, very good. However, I am going to get a bunch of Meyer lemons when they’re in season and preserve them.


  2. Lynda

    I have a thing for smoked salmon and cheese. I love these and the lemon is wonderful with it.

    One of my favorites is an open faced toasted bun topped with smoked salmon and OKA cheese slices…

    You melt them under the broiler and serve with thinly sliced avocado and fresh dill

  3. julie

    I live in NH–where does one find Meyer lemons? This recipe intrigues me.

    You might be able to find preserved lemons at a specialty market. Meyer lemons are grown where they grow other lemons, definitely not in New Hampshire. ;-) They come in season in the winter months. Whole Foods may carry them when they are in season. ~Elise

  4. Dana

    I’ve made this twice now for parties. Both were huge hits! And really easy to make.


  5. Dennis

    You forgot the chives!! Thanks for the call out.

    Best – Dennis

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