No ImageSmoked Salmon Hash

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  1. Martin

    Gong to try this for the first time tonight. Subbing hashbrown potatoes and adding mushrooms.

  2. Brianna

    I made this recipe for my husband yesterday for our 16th anniversary (marking more of my life with him than without), and he absolutely LOVED it. I cooked the potatoes with coconut oil instead of olive, and we have a dairy allergy, so I used a vegan sour cream. We also didn’t have any horseradish in the house (which made me sad, because I love horseradish), so I subbed some wasabi paste – so so so good!!

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve loved everything I’ve made from your site; you never disappoint!

  3. Hannah

    Just made this for Sunday brunch, and it was delicious! I substituted cream cheese for the sour cream, which worked just fine. The fresh herbs made a difference!


  4. Mexicodoug

    Salmon is expensive down here in tropical waters, and I have no idea where to get smoked salmon other than the internet by mail, but smoked marlin is available in local markets. Your recipe makes my stomach rumble, and my doctors have told me not to eat red meat anymore, so this recipe is a must try, although I’ll have to substitute marlin for salmon.

  5. Sylwia

    I’m from Europe, so I made it not for breakfast but for dinner. It was amazingly good, mmmmmh very very good! I’ll make it again, thanx!!!

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