No ImageSmoked Salmon Pasta

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  1. Ben

    We’re 2 school kids of 13 and think your recipe would be good for our assessment. Do you have any advice for sizes for one person?

  2. Linda

    Hi Elise,
    I have made this so many times and don’t remember if I’ve ever reviewed it, but last week my husband said “this is good enough for guests” so that’s what I’m doing tonight for my birthday group. I always use the honey smoked salmon that Costco carries…in a vacuum sealed bag…it’s so delicious. I also add a few capers, fresh dill, a dollop of pesto at the end. This is one of the best recipes EVER and it goes together so quickly. Thanks so much!


  3. Charlie

    I can’t have pasta, but I do enjoy a slice of smoked salmon on toast topped with an egg.
    Mixed with filling for deviled eggs, on Eggs Benedict and a lot of other things.

    Fairly inexpensive is Costco. They have smoked salmon in a box of vacuum sealed packages of 3 to four slices of smoked salmon. Really nice. I believe each box has 8(?) packages.

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  4. Lisa

    I loved it and I’m not even sure I made it exactly right as I had been drinking the rose wine(yes, rose cause that’s what I had) I intended to use- and actually had enough left! Anyhou at first taste I thought “way too lemony?’ but then after adding the cream, smoked salmon, a little parmesan, dill and black pepper it was just right! I love that the recipe gives options like using onion if shallots aren’t available. Linguine was the pasta used. This dish was quick easy and I even mixed in some fresh arugula at the very end.


  5. Laura

    Thank you for this recipe! I added a few pinches of red pepper flakes with the shallots and few tablespoons of good quality parmesan at the end. This recipe is now bookmarked & will be in my regular rotation!


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