No ImageSmothered Turkey Wings

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  1. Brandyn P

    Making it right now, smells delicious and the stock is divine!


  2. Gretchen Gray

    I’m making them right now! I DO have them covered with foil. I’d like to know why we cover them with foil. Do they tend to get dried out? I’m using my convection oven and was wondering if I didn’t have the foil on, whether it would help brown them. Thanks for the recipe. I’ve never cooked turkey wings…EVER.

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  3. Christal

    Maybe I’m missing it but when do I put in the 3 cups of stock? I read it several times and couldn’t find it. Also the 1/4 cream is that half/half or something else. Thank you!

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  4. De

    This was soooo good. I had it with jasmine rice. I also added more seasonings to the turkey and deglazed my pan with some white wine. My Grand Mama Lena would have been so proud!


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  5. Susan Walter

    I don’t think I can get turkey wings where I live in France, but I can get duck wings quite easily. They would benefit from this long slow cooking so the next time I have some I’ll try to remember this recipe. They usually come as part of a pack with legs. I always think it’s a way of getting rid of them and enticing people by including the legs, which are easy to cook and have a lot more meat on them.

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