No ImageSmothered Turkey Wings

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  1. Christal

    Maybe I’m missing it but when do I put in the 3 cups of stock? I read it several times and couldn’t find it. Also the 1/4 cream is that half/half or something else. Thank you!

  2. De

    This was soooo good. I had it with jasmine rice. I also added more seasonings to the turkey and deglazed my pan with some white wine. My Grand Mama Lena would have been so proud!


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi De, I’m so glad you liked the turkey wings! I really love this recipe and am so happy to share it. Good call on the jasmine rice and deglazing the pan with white wine.

  3. Susan Walter

    I don’t think I can get turkey wings where I live in France, but I can get duck wings quite easily. They would benefit from this long slow cooking so the next time I have some I’ll try to remember this recipe. They usually come as part of a pack with legs. I always think it’s a way of getting rid of them and enticing people by including the legs, which are easy to cook and have a lot more meat on them.

  4. Sara @ Last Night's Feast

    This looks so comforting!

  5. Barb

    how would cook these in a slow cooker

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Barb, good question! I don’t know. I guess you could cook the wings in the slow cooker until tender and broil them to get browned at the end. No idea on the time.

      • Tee

        I cook them in there all the time. Cook on low for 8 to 10 hrs. I use onion soup packet, cream of mushroom soup, and season. Little water and cook away. After 9 or 10 hrs fall off the bone Deliciois!!!!